Today I am and I am here very well, inside of my limitations of apprentice. I am studying and learning to have more patience, to be more cautious with me exactly looking for to police me the maximum, therefore I learned that, in the truth we are we, only we, who we prepare our place here, depending on the mritos or not that already we obtain to reach. It knew and it stows for close at the moment to the departure, or better, saying it return of our Natalia has that it is here radiating joy for not meeting more so ill, but still in recovery in a hospital stream bed. Already it stows with it and we talk for certain time where we place part of our yearnings and doubts for are. Our Clio also is if recouping and not yet I could visit it, but they had said that soon there I will be able to appear and I wait such chance with anxiety so that I can if I will be necessary, to help it if to balance fast more. Wanted Firmina and our home? I know of its fights, pains, concerns, at last of the immense difficulties that you have passed. I wait whenever it allows to God to help it and our familiar children and.

I do not know much thing, I have little to offer the vocs, by the way, has much that I have only received, but as soon as God to allow I to me in our home will be trying, he will be allowed if to help me them. In how much such he does not happen, I dedicate myself to some work in favor of the aid at that they arrive here while I prepare myself to play other functions that had been not yet defined. I only can supplicate the father who has spilled its blessings, its blessing protection on all vocs to who I love in such a way and on this side I must as many manifestations of stand and love. I feel lack of you, to my side, therefore with you I learned very and I received in such a way; I only can say to it that perpetual I am been thankful for that of you I received and for the life experiences that together we live and that nothing I can myself be made more ostensive for repays my love and gratefulness to it. I supplicate in my conjuncts for all vocs and you in particular. Of its husband who does not forget Balduino to it.

The Social

Valley to stand out that intention is not to camouflage the social problems, politicians economic faced for this continent, but yes, to take the pupils to study the history and geography of Africa to understand the reasons for which this continent has serious problems. He is clearly that, so that this happens satisfactorily, the paper and the disposal of the educators is basic, therefore the professors must be sensetized; the proposals need to be argued and to be reformulated with the group; a continued formation is necessary that allows to the reflection and the update on the subject, since the didactic books, only source for many educators, are outdated in relation to this thematic one, when denying, most of the time, the presence of the blacks in the composition of the society and approaching the African continent under a chaotic perspective and of misery. Thus, inside of the proposal to work in the school the valuation of the culture afro-Brazilian, she is necessary to promote a space cultural to express the art and the black culture, developing different activities, such as, capoeira its importance; the musicalidade and the instruments, detaching its presence in the Brazilian musical formation; the choreographies based on the black roots and the teatralidade of texts of the African culture. Therefore we know that music, among others arts, has been recognized as essential part of the history of the civilization and is an excellent instrument for the development of diverse capacities human beings, between them the self-knowledge, the identification and the rescue of auto-esteem of the pupils afro-descendants. Moreover, music, art and culture are important points in the conception and formation of any person. With the appropriation of this knowledge and the rescue of African history, the exercise of the citizenship and the experience of other cultures are practised in the pertaining to school environment, what it favors the formation of citizens with habits and attitudes based on the ethical values. Of this form, one searchs to develop transforming actions, pautadas in the respect and valuation, that are capable to modify people and, therefore, the society.

Fixed Internet

It looks for one mediates, average between value and a price. Creme that your client is not going to have problems to buy something that leave to him expensive if this it solves the problem to him. It is very good that you think about a service. Something appellant. To that I talk about? I talk about a membership for example, some service with license, this form you can be assured constant gains by a year.

With good service to the client – a good service to the client is indispensable, speaking to learn since to make businesses by Internet we are going away to find in the way with unsatisfied clients, little informed and until impulsive clients reason why to maintain a good communication with them we can avoid catastrophes. Step I number 3Como Hacer Businesses by InternetSiguiendo step 3 since to make businesses by Internet we must consider another fundamental point. Strategy of MarketingDe this form is as we realised all the process, since it is chosen or it created a product to promote, until the channels in how they distribute and the form in which it arrives at the possible buyers. Like you they find your clients – you must mantenerte near them so that they can observarte and analyze what you offer to them like solution to his problems, Fixed distribution channels. As you communicate with your clients the way in how you communicate with the possible clients of your small business is fundamental, you must acercarte of professional friendly way, of reliable way. As you offer your solution to him This is the form in how you present/display your product or service to solve its problems, you must include emotional aspects as as much logical for that reason it affirms that the people buy because they need emotionally it, but also need a reason logical to endorse that emotion and not to feel irresponsible. These are 3 fundamental steps so that you can At this moment begin with the right foot your business in Internet, in this center posts me in the businesses of sales, business by Internet next to the programs of affiliates but this is not the unique business that you can begin in Internet, are thousands of businesses which you can begin, depends on the needs and that it is what you want it stops you the election of the business. Surely in others posts we will speak of other forms to begin a business in clear Internet and with its respective tools.

Theological Politician

He still looks to it of more intent form, we will be able to find somebody that defends of fervorosa form the same definition, however what if it can perceive it is that these are most current concepts e, therefore more popular. However Espinosa comes to point out that the faith not if of the one for the word, but for the action, as he himself can interpret of the Holy Writs. It could be thought that because Espinosa said that philosophy and faith are distinct things and they do not become related that the philosopher cannot think on the faith or the fidiciary office on the philosophy. He himself sample that this is possible when the proper one, Jewish, if withholds in the philosophical analysis of the sacred texts and when affirming that for the rationality and through the natural light it is only possible to the man to know God truily, that is for the practical one of its justice, the charity and its manifestation. The position of Espinosa regarding the faith, its practical recital and, could not be defended by no well-known popular religion.

The religions do not open hand of that the fidiciary office professes its doctrine, while Espinosa suggests that whichever the religious denomination of each one the same must practise good workmanships. With certainty it must not have pleased the religious institutions. From there, we can perceive because Espinosa was cursed and I banish from the Jewish community and why the reading of its texts is not recommended in some Christian seminaries. What, without a doubt, it marks the theory of Baruch de Espinosa is that it, pertaining to a traditional religious chain, at least until being removed of it, abominates any species of fanatism and persecution. Espinosa defends that each man must be known and judged for its workmanships and not for the doctrine that adheres public and it takes the veil. From there it can be concluded, surely, that if the time expense with the attempt of conversion for such and such religious denomination was used for who proceeds in such a way in the charity and, therefore, in the love to the next one, some things that bother as much the fidiciary offices how much the infidels would leave to exist.

Cultural Identity Citizen

Emanuela Mendes Kruschewsky ** the identity is something construdoindividualmente for the citizen, something only, that it can be modified by the meiosocial and can be attributed by the origin of the citizen. The concept of identidadefunciona as element that fills the fornecepontos emptinesses of the collective memory and of ancoramento of the identity feeling, essential to the act of if autoafirmar. To exist a consolidation of a identitria conception, the citizen, emergent osujeito it looks a reapropriao of the environment in quevive. Lvi-Staruss (1977) defined identity as an abstract community, without real, but indispensable umaexistncia as control point. Identidadeerguida discloses as the same one if it constructs as discrete unit and it circumscribes arealidade in an only picture of references, since they are myriad osreferentes that can intervine for ' ' identificar' ' an individual: ordempsicolgica, biological, sociological, historical, etc. An identity that comes to deny outrapermanece estagnada in its half one, excluding the other can be led visoapenas of proper itself, it are reducente. It is practically impossible to idealize serque is it are of its relations.

For another aspect, identity if does not make solid emfuno of an only citizen, but by several, an identity that takes conscience desi takes an angle in the tension between exactly looking at on itself and the look on the other, reflexiva umaidentidade. The identities are constructed to pordiferentes groups partners, differentiating themselves in its histories, facing with umanoo of plurality, what it comes to happen in Brazil, where the population formada for a miscegenation of races, between them, indians, Portuguese and Africans, who had left important cultural marks in the country. However, to occur to idiade national identity she is necessary that the nation possesss the conscience of the suasvrias cultures and peoples. At the beginning of the Republic umexagero was given then nativista, at the same time where if the enalteceu-sea Portuguese repudiated etnia aboriginal and aspects, genuinely, national, idealizing one ufanismoacerca of the Brazilian identity.