Today I am and I am here very well, inside of my limitations of apprentice. I am studying and learning to have more patience, to be more cautious with me exactly looking for to police me the maximum, therefore I learned that, in the truth we are we, only we, who we prepare our place here, depending on the mritos or not that already we obtain to reach. It knew and it stows for close at the moment to the departure, or better, saying it return of our Natalia has that it is here radiating joy for not meeting more so ill, but still in recovery in a hospital stream bed. Already it stows with it and we talk for certain time where we place part of our yearnings and doubts for are. Our Clio also is if recouping and not yet I could visit it, but they had said that soon there I will be able to appear and I wait such chance with anxiety so that I can if I will be necessary, to help it if to balance fast more. Wanted Firmina and our home? I know of its fights, pains, concerns, at last of the immense difficulties that you have passed. I wait whenever it allows to God to help it and our familiar children and.

I do not know much thing, I have little to offer the vocs, by the way, has much that I have only received, but as soon as God to allow I to me in our home will be trying, he will be allowed if to help me them. In how much such he does not happen, I dedicate myself to some work in favor of the aid at that they arrive here while I prepare myself to play other functions that had been not yet defined. I only can supplicate the father who has spilled its blessings, its blessing protection on all vocs to who I love in such a way and on this side I must as many manifestations of stand and love. I feel lack of you, to my side, therefore with you I learned very and I received in such a way; I only can say to it that perpetual I am been thankful for that of you I received and for the life experiences that together we live and that nothing I can myself be made more ostensive for repays my love and gratefulness to it. I supplicate in my conjuncts for all vocs and you in particular. Of its husband who does not forget Balduino to it.

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