Cultural Identity Citizen

Emanuela Mendes Kruschewsky ** the identity is something construdoindividualmente for the citizen, something only, that it can be modified by the meiosocial and can be attributed by the origin of the citizen. The concept of identidadefunciona as element that fills the fornecepontos emptinesses of the collective memory and of ancoramento of the identity feeling, essential to the act of if autoafirmar. To exist a consolidation of a identitria conception, the citizen, emergent osujeito it looks a reapropriao of the environment in quevive. Lvi-Staruss (1977) defined identity as an abstract community, without real, but indispensable umaexistncia as control point. Identidadeerguida discloses as the same one if it constructs as discrete unit and it circumscribes arealidade in an only picture of references, since they are myriad osreferentes that can intervine for ' ' identificar' ' an individual: ordempsicolgica, biological, sociological, historical, etc. An identity that comes to deny outrapermanece estagnada in its half one, excluding the other can be led visoapenas of proper itself, it are reducente. It is practically impossible to idealize serque is it are of its relations.

For another aspect, identity if does not make solid emfuno of an only citizen, but by several, an identity that takes conscience desi takes an angle in the tension between exactly looking at on itself and the look on the other, reflexiva umaidentidade. The identities are constructed to pordiferentes groups partners, differentiating themselves in its histories, facing with umanoo of plurality, what it comes to happen in Brazil, where the population formada for a miscegenation of races, between them, indians, Portuguese and Africans, who had left important cultural marks in the country. However, to occur to idiade national identity she is necessary that the nation possesss the conscience of the suasvrias cultures and peoples. At the beginning of the Republic umexagero was given then nativista, at the same time where if the enalteceu-sea Portuguese repudiated etnia aboriginal and aspects, genuinely, national, idealizing one ufanismoacerca of the Brazilian identity.

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