Manuel Gomez Pereira

A. S. C. Alberto San Juan, Antonio Resines, Pepon Nieto a number of familiar faces populate the local bar that opens its doors this Sunday. What became of the protagonists of the original Cheers. Afternoon beers, jokes and jokes with the owner (a compulsive flirt), a couple of jokes to blonde waitress and charla-desahogo with some of the companions of the bar, among which there is a psychiatrist who is more like a patient seeking treatment.

Sound them something? The Cheers of Boston bar, which became one of the series other exitode the 1980s, returns to TV converted into Cheers to the Spanish. The new version, directed by Manuel Gomez Pereira and starring Alberto San Juan, Antonio Resines, Alexandra Jimenez and Pepon Nieto, among others, arrives this weekend in Telecinco (Sunday, 22.00 h). The first chapter involves Ana Belen and Jose Coronado. Who is who the owner of the bar. Alberto San Juan plays Nico, a womanizer and vain divorced that young man aspired to be a star of the sport. Now he survives the crisis surrounded by debts. The waitresses.

The blonde is Rebekah (Alexandra Jimenez), a well coming girl less; and the brunette, Lola (Chiqui Fernandez), is the right hand of Nico. The psychiatrist. Antonio Resines is Felix, a very insecure psychiatrist. The standing. Blas (Pepon Nieto) is vague and good-natured. His factory went bankrupt by the crisis but takes it well. The mister. Played by Joan Pera.Fue Nico’s coach in his youth and wants him as a son. The troop of Ted Danson Cheers began airing in 1982. Its audience success made semantuviera in antenna for 276 chapters (11 seasons). He won 28 Emmy Awards. The nostalgic series can return to enjoy the adventures of the original bar visitors: Ted Danson (Sam Malone, the owner), Kelsey Grammer (Frasier series and the spin-off of the same name that emerged from it), Woody Harrelson and Kirstie Alley, among others. Airs at 11.30 pm, Monday to Friday, in FDF.