Latest Tech Building Materials

Besides the use of brick, wood and stone in the construction of country houses and cottages, in our time building houses from materials such as aerated concrete aerated concrete. These materials have long conquered the European market of construction: Sweden, Czech Republic, Scandinavia and Switzerland have recognized these advanced materials. Both of these materials are easy to use and inexpensive, have a huge number of advantages over other materials. Foam concrete – is made up of cement-sand mixture, foam, – chemical reagent. Foam concrete cures in the natural environment. After cooking mixture is placed in a special form and hardens in vivo.

Foam concrete can be produced directly on construction sites. Linear properties of the foam depend on the technique of casting and assumes significant linear deviation. Aerated concrete – autoclaved aerated concrete production at high temperature and humidity. To obtain a building material used aerated sand, water, cement and lime. In this mixture add powdered aluminum, which serves the educational gas. Prepared by the mass cut strings and in a special form placed in an autoclave, where after a long heat treatment at a pressure beyond the ideal building material. Aerated Concrete does not burn, is strong and durable, perfect amenable machining. In terms of ecology aerated cellular concrete material is a little worse.

As well as cellular concrete, aerated concrete material is quite convenient to process. In addition, the aerated foam is inferior in moisture absorption. Should consider the comparison of aerated concrete aerated concrete. Aerated concrete has only one advantage – it is sturdier. For the remaining properties, it gives material of foam concrete. In addition, the strength of foam can ensure a tested using multiple supplements. Plus, should take into account that the cost of installation for the production of aerated concrete is estimated at several hundred thousand dollars, and equipment for production foam costs about 120,000 rubles. However, no matter how you choose the material for the construction of future homes – aerated concrete or foam concrete, in any case, choose life, ecology, quality, and in addition to saving their funds.

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