7th Battalion Policies

In Ultimas weeks the Seventh Battalion of Polices that this situated one in the city of Is Gonalo in the State of Rio De Janeiro has suffered a rain from problems, everything had beginning with the Death of the Patrician Female judge Acioli, magistrada that he daily fought shunting line attitudes of behavior of you police and at great length examined each auto one of resistance that could sweat as a extermnio in the reality of the fact. From fear the arrest each more certain time, a group of you police of the Seventh battalion and its leader the Former Commander of the Seventh o lieutenant-colonel Claude Luiz Oliveira had been accused to articulate and to execute the Death of the Patrician Female judge Acioli, Warlike Plan that success due to lamentable loss for all had the city of the illustrious one and that she fought and to the crime, to put it finished discovered, and then they had started a series of shunting line discoveries of behavior of policemen of such Battalion, another nonsense was the negotiation of permission for the invasion of a community that cost the ten dealers the twenty a thousand Reals. a faction negotiated with policemen of the seventh battalion the invasion of the Covered with white lead one and paid so that Policia did not intervene in the action, the fact was discovered and also it was layer of the Periodical Are Gonalo, in day 10 of September, now had the fame of the battalion a new version of Game GTA modified patamo with the registration gained one 7 BPM with polices virtual with a behavior nothing exemplary and this has given what to speak. On the other hand living of many quarters of They are Gonalo has complained very of the abandonment on the part of polices in places that had always been calm and that nowadays it is not more, example of this is the Quarter of the Jockey who today this dominated By armed Dealers of Metal ring and garnet, thing that did not exist before the UPPs Celebrities, the Quarter of the Jockey is surrounded by Mounts to put different of the River these mounts is not slum quarters very in contrast is surrounded by land of very green bush and streets of barros in the majority with few houses, but in the known place as Trunk Dealers of the C..

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